Puntas Plásticas C-20 - Fijaciones para madera - 20mm - Caja de 2.000 unidades - VYTEC

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Non-metallic tips C-20 VYTEC® for thin products. VYTEC® tips do not damage cutting tools or sandpaper during wood and carpentry processes, they resist temperatures of approximately 170°C, they are not electrical conductors, they do not rust or corrode, and since they are not metallic they do not activate metal detectors .


- For fastening in low-thickness panel and board pressing processes.
- Veneer repair.
- For fine finishes in furniture.
- Fiberglass fixings.
- Fixing of mouldings.
- Fixings in the shipping area.


- Width: 1mm.
-Height: 20mm.


- Approximately 2,000 units per box.

Machine to use:

-MAX CN565S3 pneumatic machine.

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Precio Unitario: $51.990 IVA incluido

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